Buy, Keep, Refund – VReally Like Being Able to VRefund…

Hey all, had an idea to do some real quick opinions on games I buy on steam. Rated by if I decide to keep them or refund them! Steam has a pretty awesome refund system so there is no reason to keep a game that you don’t like or aren’t happy with for whatever reason.

Here are a few of the games I’ve checked out recently….

  • Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot VR ($14.99USD – Paid $10.49)
    Keep or Refund: REFUND
    Why: Just did nothing for me. The idea of a loot shooter in VR really appeals to me, but when the “loot” is just coins that appear to be pointless, the whole thing falls apart.
  • Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 ($12.99USD – Paid $10.39)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: I really dig this game, by default you’re playing from a third person perspective and can control the vehicle using the Vive controllers and navigate obstacles to reach your target. Has a first person driving mode too, but wow does it make you sick. Promise of a map editor and more content down the track make this worth having if it appeals to you.
  • Job Simulator ($29.99USD)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: Haven’t even played it yet as I’ve been too busy playing other things, but I knew I wanted this one. Must own for all Vive owners in my opinion.
  • King Kaiju ($4.99USD)
    Keep or Refund: REFUND
    Why: The idea of being a big ass Kaiju and smashing up buildings appealed to me. This game whoever, did not. Very basic and boring and even a little janky. Pass.
  • Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games ($4.99USD)
    Keep or Refund: REFUND
    Why: Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t bad, it’s just too damn short and has no replay value. Also achievements are broken and don’t unlock. Would love to see a bigger, better version of this.
  • The Technomancer ($44.99USD – Paid $15.29)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: I have bought this in the past and liked it, but was waiting for a bigger discount. 66% off was the right price for me on this.
  • ROM: Extraction ($19.99USD – Paid $16.99)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: Yes its another VR wave shooter in a sense, but its very highly polished and plays well and has promise of future content updates. Worth a look.
  • The table at war VR ($24.99USD – Paid $19.99)
    Keep or Refund: REFUND
    Why: Ergh, I came in wanting Clash Royale in VR. I left thinking dodgy pile of trash… Terribly made game trying to cash in on peoples desires to play tabletop style games in VR.
  • Smashbox Arena ($29.99USD – Paid $23.99)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: I was sketchy on this one at first, the single player AI is lacking and a bit too easy to play against, but once you get online with this thing holy crap it’s fun! A little pricey, but grab it on sale and find some people to play with and you’ll love it.
  • Snakes on an Extradimensional Plane ($2.99USD – Paid $1.79)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: Very simple game, but it’s cheap and there is something about it I like. Worth keeping for the price.
  • PLANNES ($14.99USD – Paid $13.49)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: Have been a bit so-so on this one, but when I get into it, it’s pretty fun. Basically you’re playing a form of Tennis or Pong with AI (or you can play with someone using a controller on the TV) and you have to hit the ball back and forth to try and smash crystals behind each player. It’s neat.
  • Proton Pulse ($9.99USD – Paid $8.99)
    Keep or Refund: KEEP
    Why: Breakout using your head, basically. It’s pretty cool!

That’s it for now, will look at doing another one of these soon. I’ve got a few more but this post seems long enough as it is, haha, hope you liked this idea/format and found it useful!